19 June 2024

Our Goals

“Our Organisation aims to show our participants a positive outlook on life, teaching them how to live healthier lives through mind body and soul.

We are intent on doing our part to combat social issues which affect the masses, such as raising awareness on issues such as depression, domestic abuse, forced marriges, anxiety and lonlieness in an attempt to create a better society in which people can live happily. We know these topics can be difficult to apporach for some and so we do our best to ensure you are comfortable by providing a safe space for you to share your thoughts and worries as well as providing you with professional advice from experts in the field.

Diversity is important to us and we aim on working beyond race, religion, culture, age and gender.

And so Our Goal is to give confidance back to those who have suffered, by helping them to integrate back into society and by building bridges between communities to combat these issues.”

-The Let’s Talk Team